Friday, June 17, 2005

My Book Cover Idea For "The People Who Move Us"


Mitch's Upcoming Masterpiece

I've heard through the grapevine that Mr. Albom is preparing his third novel-- and although it will be touching and inspiring, it sounds like it will deviate a little bit from the two previous ones.
The People Who Move Us is the working title. The protagonist is a working class laborer named Mickey, and he will be the first minority to star in one of Mitch's books. He is a maintenance man for Detroit's famed People Mover rail system, and his life is rapidly spiraling out of control, primarily due to his drug and alcohol habits.


He truly hits rock bottom after discovering his wife in a compromising position with another man-- a former Detroit Tiger, no less.
Mickey makes it in to work, but deliberately sits on the tracks of the People Mover in an attempt to put an end to his misery. Just before impact, he has a moment of clarity and realizes he does, in fact, have a lot to live for. Miraculously, he survives the collision-- not without losing both legs and being terribly injured. This is just the beginning of the touching journey that Mickey embarks on, and you can be certain that Mitch will chronicle his odyssey using his trademark wit, wisdom and simple -- yet inspiring -- prose.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

My Fave Band

The Rock Bottom Remainders! Mitch rules!
Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I had some personal issues I had to take care of. But I am back in full effect, gearing up for Mitch's upcoming book signings! I hope to see you all there!
Not too much to say today, other than that Mitch handled the Piston's awesome win in his usual witty, special way.

Friday, June 03, 2005


How sweet it is! This show will definitely be "Must See TV" for me! Okay, so Mitch has rocked the worlds of journalism, touching novels, equally touching television movies based on those novels, and now.... television series! I suspect we will get an even better insight into Mitch Albom by watching this new show. Gil Bellows (Ally McBeal alum) is a superb actor. This should be a real treat!!!

I know I shouldn't even be *looking* at this, but...

Mitch Albom is a Terrible Writer

ARGH! This guy is unbelievable! All he can do is insult Mitch. Whine, whine, whine. I see he finally received a comeuppance--of sorts-- by someone from "our team". Note how quickly "Morrie" angrily retaliated.
I keep telling myself I should forget about this Morrie Schwarzenegger fellow and his nasty, mean-spirited Mitch hatefest, but something keeps drawing me back. He's receiving WAY too much positive feedback. Come on, my fellow Mitch fans, let this guy know how wrong he truly is!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Best E-Mail Address Ever!

Mitch is truly a generous guy.... on his Mitch Albom website, you can get your very own e-mail address! Sorry, I already took Mitchaholic!
This guy seriously rocks! Check back often, as I am going to begin keeping tabs on when and where Mitch will be signing his books!!

Mitch's Column Today -- WOW!

If you're anything like me, you probably jump out of bed every morning and grab the morning paper-- and immediately scan it for the Newest Mitch Column. Perhaps you don't live in Metro Detroit, so instead you log right on to and get your daily dose of Mitch. Either way, it's my favorite part of the morning.
And this morning was no exception. Today's column was so great, I had to read it three times over.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

This is an atrocity!

What am I talking about? This blasphemous joke of a blog.
How can this guy be offended that I-- and millions of others-- love and admire Mitch Albom? This whole things reeks of jealousy.
Please, join me in condemning this ridiculous blog.

When Will Mitch Publish a New Work of Art?????!

I truly do love both of these books, pretty much equally. And I continue to read and re-read them all the time. I continually wonder, though-- what will Mitch come up with next? He must have so many beautiful stories to tell. The anticipation is killing me! I have signed copies of both of thse, by the way! Mitch is even more glamorous and wholesome (his odd combination) in person! :)

Yet Another Brilliant Column by Mitch in Today's Freep!

How does he do it?! In today's Free Press, Mitch eloquently celebrates the Pistons' triumph at last night's showdown with the Miami Heat. Right from the start, he uses that uniquely Albomian wit to get the ball rolling:

So whom did Rip Hamilton tick off to draw this assignment? As if a bad calf weren't enough, as if running like a hamster in a wheel weren't enough, now he had one more job: Guard Dwyane Wade.
Yuh. And let me build a skyscraper in my spare time. <LOL!-ed.>Let me move some furniture during halftime . Let me drive the team bus. Let me get the morning coffee and doughnuts. Guard Wade? Doesn't that fall under a two-man job?

As if this marvelous opening isn't enough, Mitch displays his "hip factor", referencing -- get this -- DEVO! What will he think of next?!

And, to paraphrase Devo: Whippet, Good

Oh, Mitch! There truly isn't a thing that this man can't make brilliant. He only rarely does non-sports related columns; I wish he wrote the whole damn paper! Or at least school the other journalists at the Free Press in his unique--perfect--stylings.